Arrival Slots

If you're a fan of classic science fiction, then you've come to the right outer space to get your retro science fiction. Because Betsoft, the undisputed leader in thriving slot game entertainment, continues to set the bar high with the coming of Arrival Slots, a wild blast of science fiction mixed with captivating bonus play.

Blasting off In To Orbit

Betsoft doesn't leave any mystery about Arrival Slots' theme. This five-reel interactive masterpiece takes you into outer space, where you win by making first contact with the Martians. And to help you reign in the 30 galactic pay lines. And for that, Arrival Slots gives you a sophisticated pay line system where you can make swift gaming decisions on handling the pay lines.

The dynamic and fantastic coin button system can also follow this up. With this, you have the chance to quickly get into the game by placing dynamic bets from cents to substantial dollar amounts. So how do you propose dealing with the Martians? Fortunately, Arrival Slots allows you to handle this question through autoplay or manual spin.

Bring on Arrival Slots' Paytable

It's time to make first contact with Arrival Slots' captivating paytable. The Martian brain does the game an honor by serving as the wild symbol. While we can't promise he won't zap you, he provides extra winning incentives to get him to land on the pay line. And this Martian also shows up further in the bonus round.

Arrival Slots also features the brave astronaut that delivers 40 credits for filling an entire row. The big-eyed alien has something to say about paying you 30 credits. The alien pod lands frequently and delivers 20 credits along the way. Arrival Slots rounds out the paytable with the flying saucer, the asteroid, bade, and alien machinery.

Blast into Arrival Slots' Bonus Round

Arrival Slots takes you into another galaxy with the click me feature. It takes a trifecta of ray guns to fall on the reels to launch the ray gun round. Here, you click among a series of UFOs to reveal your prize.

The Martian makes the second contact in the free spins round. Here, the alien can turn an entire reel into wild icons during the free games. And these reels remain wild for many spins. And when you get at least three of the girl icon, prepare to bring out the hero in you by saving her from the evil Martian.