Monkey Money Slots

When you think of Betsoft, you tend to think about interactive five-reel titles that can't help but take your breath away. While Monkey Money might not exemplify the best of Betsoft games from a visual standpoint, Monkey Money still delivers the gaming boom with regular gameplay and bonus play.

If you're ready to hang loose with a bit of game-swinging, give Monkey Money Slots a shot. And oh, there is also one happy Monkey urging you onto victory.

Enter the Gaming Jungle

Monkey Money is a prime five-reel title with nine pay lines. Naturally, Betsoft affords you the tools to control this title to meet your gaming needs, beginning with the pay line system. Yes, you can go total Tarzan by gambling on the entire nine pay lines, or you can wager on a single pay line.

Once you settle the pay lines, the next step is to make your bet official at Monkey Money. And once again, Monkey Money steps up with a sophisticated pay line system. Finally, determine if you want to play through manual or auto play mode.

Explore Monkey Money's Paytable

Monkey Money takes the business of winning seriously, which is why you'll find an assortment of cute but rewarding jungle icons. We begin with the gold coins that reward you with 25000 coins for getting all five of them on the pay line.

The adorable monkey is next, and he will pay you up to 15,000 coins for getting five of him on the reels. And what tropical paradise can be complete without palm trees? You guessed it. Monkey Money brings you twin palm tree symbols that pay you 10,00 credits.

And don't forget the bananas chime in on the reels with 5,000 credits. Want some more tasty fruit? Now's your chance with Monkey Money's fantastic oranges and watermelons that pay you 4,000 to 3,000 credits. Finally, the red seven, plum, and cherry round out the remaining Monkey Money icons.

Monkey Money's Bonus Round

How can you have a Monkey title without coconuts? Well, Monkey Money slots deliver the intense coconut action with the coconut bonus round. The key is to get three of them on the reels to trigger this feature. When this happens, you guide the monkey in choosing the right coconuts to help you build your winning coffers. Then, the monkey cracks the coconuts and takes the credit.