It Came From Venus Slots

If you are familiar with the phenomenal Hollywood epic, It Came from Venus. You now have your chance to relive this science fiction classic with Betsoft Gaming. These killer plants are determined to give you a run for your money, but with the chance of winning in the middle of having fun.

Breaking Down It Came from Venus

It Came from Venus is a five-reel title with 30 pay lines. The title says it all, as it is a new wrinkle to the sensational 1950's film. This time, it is up to you to guide the exterminator to get the wild plant under control.

To help accomplish this, It Came from Venus gives you a pay line system to adjust the pay lines and coin values to meet your gaming needs. You can try to tame this overgrown plant by wagering on the entire 30 pay lines, or you can gamble with It Came from Venus on lesser pay lines to meet your needs.

And once you determine the pay line value for It Came from Venus, you can do the same for the coin bet. It Came from Venus honors wagers from nickel values to whole dollar properties. Then you can determine if you want to It Came from Venus in autoplay mode or manual mode.

Explore the Venetian Paytable

It Came from Venus comes roaring out of the game with rewarding game symbols like the wild man-eating plant. But It Came from Venus also offers a random wild-winning multiplier that can hit up to four times.

The other prominent symbols from It Came from Venus include the exterminators, the scare crow, the jeep, the pile of rocks, the dog house, the farm house, and the doors. It Came from Venus offers generous payouts for these symbols that range anywhere from 50 to 4.50 credits.

Chomp Down on the Bonus Rounds

It Came from Venus steps up the science fiction goodness with captivating bonus rounds. We begin with the feed me free spins round, where five food sacks in the middle of the reels trigger this genuine feature.

And the helicopters play a prominent role in trying to save the plant. With this, getting a helicopter on the first, third, and fifth reels triggers an engaging bonus round where you can win extra winning multipliers as you try to save the man-eating plant.