Dirty Martini Slots

If martinis are your favorite drink, it's time to get paid while having them too. And that's where slot-game titan Real-Time Gaming steps up as bartender. With Dirty Martini Slots, you can win in style.

Breaking Down Dirty Martini Slots

Dirty Martini is a five-reel title with twenty pay lines. Also, Dirty Martini is a throwback to the early and simple days of video reel titles. While not a visual marvel, Dirty Martini is still a sophisticated title that allows you to take control.

With the pay line system, you can put an extra twist to this game by gambling on the entire twenty pay lines. Or you can stir things up by wagering on one pay line. And the next move is to determine how much you want to gamble when playing Dirty Martini. Dirty Martini allows you to gamble as low as a penny to five dollars per pay line.

Of course, you can stir things up yourself by spinning the Dirty Martini reels yourself, or you can use the autoplay feature.

Mixing the Paytable

What better way to deliver a winning drink than with the martini shaker as the wild symbol? A single martini shaker double-winning combinations. And if you get an entire row of martini shakers, expect a 10,000 coin payout.

And you can expect other elegant drinking glasses and drinks at this pay table. For example, a glass of wine and beer pays 300 credits each for an entire row of them. And when you get the martini shaker in the mix, those same symbols double the reward.

Dirty Martini also offers strawberries and lemons, two classic casino symbols, in this unique gaming extravaganza. These modest symbols land frequently and reward your efforts with 150 and 125 credits. And every great martini deserves a cherry on top. And that's what you get when three cherries land on the pay line-100 credits.

Enjoy Dirty Martini's Free Spins Feature

Dirty Martini steps up its game with the fantastic and, dare we say, delicious free spins round. The key to launching this elegant feature is getting at least three coins on the pay line.

You begin Dirty Martinis' free spins round with fifteen free games when this happens. Also, your free spin wins are rewarded with a triple winning multiplier. And if you get three more coins, Dirty Martini renews this round with an additional 15 free spins.