The Shark Slots

When it comes to charming deep sea affairs, The Shark Slots is ready to meet the challenge. And when it comes to penny-themed games, The Shark provides you with plenty of user-friendly betting options. And, of course, you have several ways to string together a winning combination.

Diving Deep into This Sea Fare

The Sharks is a five-reel video slot game that represents the beginning of the lucrative video slot age. You also have nine pay lines to take your winning act deep under the sea for winning during regular mode or through the bonus games.

Also, The Shark gives you a robust pay line system where you can quickly take command of the gaming system. You can float along the fish by gambling on a single pay line or chomp your way through the reef by wagering on the nine pay lines.

And when you manage the pay line system, the next order of business is maneuvering through The Shark's coin button system. With this, you can float or breaststroke your way through the game by wagering as low as a nickel, but you wager something more substantial. And don't forget that The Shark also allows you to choose autoplay or manual mode to handle your spins.

Float through the Paytable

The Shark provides a modest but effective pay system. So hopefully, it doesn't come as a surprise that the shark constitutes the game's wild symbol. You can double any school of fish when the shark falls on the reels.

And the more of the shark that falls on the reels, the greater the winning combination. But also, don't pass up the other lovely fish floating along. The striped fish and the coral also pay modest combinations.

Welcome to The Shark's Bonus Rounds

The Shark provides an extra winning experience with the bonus rounds. So yes, you can add some extra coins with the free spins package. But The Sharks also offers a progressive jackpot. So yes, as you place those bets, keep an eye on the progressive jackpot meter to continue to grow.

Another added incentive is the jellyfish. Here, the starfish helps you unlock the super jackpot when you get five of them on the pay line. But independently, the starfish makes your spins worthwhile based on your wagers. For example, you can gain anywhere from 450 to 1800 credits.