Hidden Loot Slots

Not every day, you have a chance to bring out the pirate in you and sail too. But thanks to Betsoft, you get to set sail for bounty and win too. So prepare to walk the plank and learn some geography too.

About Hidden Loot

Hidden Loot pays tribute to the golden age of three-reel games by offering the same reels. But this time, you get three pay lines and some interaction too. Hidden Loot follows the actions of a wooden-pegged captain. The game action takes place on the beach with the ship anchored ashore.

As you choose to wager on the three pay lines through the pay line system, you can watch the captain move about the game screen. Hidden Loot also affords you the luxury of making your desired bets through autoplay or manual mode. And in true three-reel tradition, you also have the max bet button to risk it all.

Enter the Fabled Paytable

Hidden Loot steps forward with a simple but worthy paytable. Would you have it any other way with the pirate captain as the wild symbol? We hope not because that's the case with him. When one captain falls on the reels, enjoy double-winning combinations.

Hidden Loot also offers the iconic skeleton head crossed with swords. In this event, prepare to enjoy 50 credits. And before you can walk the plank, you have to get to the bow. That's right. Hidden Loot offers the bow as a standard wild symbol. Then, when you get a trifecta on the reels, enjoy 20 credits.

And no respectful pirate game would be complete without a treasure chest full of jewels. Don't worry. Hidden Loot doesn't disappoint. Not only is this treasure chest overflowing with goods, but you can also receive ten credits when you fill the entire row.

The red and blue diamonds sparkle on the pay lines by rewarding you with three credits. And don't overlook the golden diamond, which gives you a blank to keep you in the game.

Prepare to Hunt for More Treasure

Did you really think we would complete this epic pirate story without a treasure hunt? Hidden Loot saves the best for last with a fun-packed treasure hunt. The goal is to decipher the clues on the map to pick a region to set sail. And if everything works out, you might find where x marks the spot.