Lucky Catch Slots

Real-Time Gaming is the creative genius behind Lucky Catch Slots, an innovative five-reel title that is the first of its kind. And we don't say that lightly. Lucky Catch might be worth the try if you are a fan of classic video games, like Duck Hunt for the original Nintendo.

And as always, we're here to break down all the vital slot game details to make your gaming a winning one. Real-Time Gaming boldly presents Lucky Catch Slots, so let's jump into the fascinating details.

So, how many Reels Are There?

Lucky Catch Slots is a charming five-reel game with twenty-five pay lines. The theme of this quaint title is the deep blue sea and all the schools of fish. And in true Real-Time Gaming tradition, avid online gamblers can control the pay lines to meet their gaming demands.

You can use the pay line arrows system to handle this fascinating tour. And once you manage the pay lines, you can manage the coin bet system through Lucky Catch Slots. So, do you want to go into the sea via manual or autoplay mode? These are also choices you get to make when playing Lucky Catch Slots.

Meet the Lucky Paytable

Lucky Catch Slots pushes forward with an amazing pay table highlighting some fascinating game symbols with a colorful school of fish. The smiling shark is the game's wild symbol, where a single one doubles winning combinations. So naturally, the more of the shark that falls on the reels, the greater the winning multiplier.

The octopus delivers the winning impact for 800 credits, while the turtle makes a cute appearance on the reels with 250 credits. The spiny fish chimes in with 150 credits, and the round fish adds 125 credits. So are you looking forward to stripe fish? Well, both varieties deliver 100 and 50 credits, depending on how many you get to land on the pay line. And the school of jellyfish brings you 50 to 25 credits.

Lucky Catch Bonuses

Lucky Catch offers you a random prize award at any time during regular gameplay. And it's not enough for a wild shark to land. The wild sharks burst into additional winning excess. These wilds are locked into place to accentuate those Lucky wins. And when it's your turn in the free spins round, you can add those fabled bursting wilds.