Jackpot Jamba Slots

Jackpot Jamba Slots

What do you get when you put on a jamming party with the number seven? You get Betsoft's triumphant Jackpot Jamba. So if you're ready to put on your party hat and make some wagers, then Jackpot Jamba is the slot game for you.

Welcome to the Party

Jackpot Jamba is a five-reel title with nine pay lines. Somewhat of a departure from Betsoft's iconic 3D slots that feature breathtaking graphics, Jackpot Jamba is a quaint reminder of the early days of video slots.

Instead, the theme occurs in the middle of a gaming party. Betsoft goes out of its way with all the festive party gear and streamers to entice you to play. And to help you manage the party, Jackpot Jamba gives you a top-notch pay line system where you can easily command the crowd by gambling on the whole nine pay lines. Or you can opt to place your wagers on a single pay line.

And to keep the party vibes going, Jackpot Jamba delivers a special pay line system. Here, you can place the party starting wagers for as low as a nickel to whole dollars. And when you have that settled, the next step is to choose autoplay or manual mode to get into the game.

Welcome to the Party Paytable

Hopefully, it doesn't come as a surprise that Jackpot Jamba's paytable is full of party symbols. The party hat and balloon make up the wild symbol. Of course, a single party hat can make the winning party twice as lovely. But if you manage to get more on the reels, the greater the winning circumstance.

Other eye-popping and colorful gaming symbols include the party sevens and the red sevens. The party sevens take the atmosphere into overdrive when you get a trifecta on the reels. And the red sevens don't lag too far behind.

Jackpot Jamba also involves classic slot symbols like cherries and bells. Like traditional slot games, the cherries land frequently and pay nicely. And don't overlook the party whistles to announce that you're the next big slot game-winner.

Enjoy the Bonus Round

Jackpot Jamba invites you to open up your presents because it is the key to playing in the free spins round. Also, Jackpot Jamba has a progressive jackpot that's ready to unload at any time to make this slot game party one to remember.