Viking Age Slots

When you think you know everything about Vikings, you realize that you're starting from first base all over again. Because with Betsoft's homerun Viking Age Slots, the spellbinding power and lore of the Vikings have never been more alluring. So, the only question is, are you tough enough to set sail with this crew?

The Background of Viking Age

Viking Age is an animated wonder that comes with five reels and 30 pay lines. The game starts immediately with a sequence of some of Odin's most formidable warriors setting sail. As you would expect from a Viking flick, the heart of the game icons resembles Viking ruins and artifacts.

But, there's some gaming business you need to take care of. First, how do you propose to use those 30 pay lines? Viking Age answers that question by giving you a pay line arrow system where you can swiftly set sail on the entire 30, a single pay line, or anywhere in between.

And when you finish setting up that score, Viking Age gives you the power to make the coin bet you wish so that you can take control of the courage it takes to hang with these two soldiers. Finally, determine if you want to play Viking Age in autoplay mode or manual spin when you have that settled.

Encounter the Paytable

Viking Age delivers the boom with the paytable, where you interact with the Viking king and more. The blonde Viking warrior leads the pack with 30 credits while his red-haired barbarian friend chimes in with 25 credits.

The boat is ready for action with 20 credits, and the ax remains battle-ready by delivering 15 credits. The crown, the ship bow, the runestone, and the shield also add to the game.

Viking Age Delivers the Bonus Rounds

But all the fierce battles in regular gameplay don't hold a candle compared to the epic Viking Age bonus round. So we begin with the rune stones. A trio of rune stones ushers you into the bonus round, where you help Amma pick the suitable rune stone for extra bonuses.

Also, Amma shows up again, but this time in the free spins round. Here, you must peel back the layers of the rune stones to unearth your winning multiplier in the free spins round. And if you're strong enough to go toe to toe with these Vikings, you can compete in the arm wrestling contest.