7 Fortune Frenzy Slots

It's no secret that the number seven contains luck and is a marquee symbol for casinos. Betsoft understands the power and romance surrounding the number seven. And it is the creative genius behind 7 Fortune Frenzy Slots.

Breaking Down 7 Fortune Frenzy Slots

Three reels aren't enough for this class throwback slot. 7 Fortune Frenzy breaks new territory by coming if four reels as it offers a single pay line. But 7 Fortune Frenzy still offers you a unique gaming experience with amazing visuals-the kind 3D slots bring you.

7 Fortune Frenzy takes the class and grace of the elusive number seven into the depths of outer space. And if you're observant, you can catch a nebula or comet streaking across in the background.

Even though 7 Fortune Frenzy is a single-pay line title, it still gives players the choice of manual or autoplay mode. You can also control the coin bets. 7 Fortune Frenzy permits bets as low as a penny and as big as $5.

There's a Frenzy with the Paytable

7 Fortune Frenzy steps up its game in the pay table. The triple flaming sevens burn a hole in the winning column. These have the power to bring dramatic winning multipliers into the gaming mix. And if you feel the pay line with all the triple flaming sevens, this leads to an 18-times winning multiplier.

But we're only beginning with the glory of the number seven. First, you can land single flaming red sevens and earn over 175 credits in the process. Next, you have the yellow sevens that reward you with 33 credits. And then there is the light blue seven that chimes in with over thirteen credits.

And, of course, you can't have a throwback slot game without the bar symbols. So 7 Fortune Frenzy welcomes the classic triple, double and single bars to get into the gaming mix. And, of course, you can mix the bars and still score a win.

And for an added touch, 7 Fortune Frenzy adds additional winning multiplier symbols, like the 18-times and 8-times winning multipliers.

The Lucky Re-spin

Instead of the traditional free spins round, 7 Fortune Frenzy offers a re-spin prize. The key is to get the re-spin icon to land. And when it falls, all four reels are re-spun to give you additional wins with multiple winning combinations. And yes, you can get additional re-spins.