Rockbet Casino

Rockbet Casino

With a rocking good name to kick things off, you cannot deny this casino has a polished appearance. It even has a rock - a green gem of sorts - set into a ring as part of its homepage imagery.

But we are not interested in rings. We really want to know whether the casino is one to try or whether we would be better off going elsewhere. You can expect a darkened hue here, splashed with a lovely green color, so it looks impressive.

The software comes from none other than…

Rival Gaming. If you have tried a few other Rival casinos, or if you simply enjoy their games, you might have an idea of what to expect here. We can also reveal the presence of some cool Betsoft games. You might say you're getting a double whammy of great options here.

Is it possible to get an account if you are in the USA, Canada, Australia, or Europe?

One thing you will soon note about this casino is that it requires all members, wherever they are from, to be at least 25 years of age. However, you will also read in the terms and conditions that you must check if it is fine for you to gamble from your location. That means you must check your own laws to confirm whether this is allowed.

Where are the casino games?

The design of the home page is minimal yet striking. That means we must progress to the games page in the menu to find out whether the games are going to interest us. We guess since Rival provides the games here, we already know the answer to that!

When you go into the game area, you will see some striking images to represent some of the titles waiting to be played. You will also note there are various game areas you can go into. This is far better than lumping everything in together.

You can view various areas such as table games, new games, and video poker. Each area contains only those games that are relevant. One thing we liked about Rockbet Casino was that there were lots of variations in each category, so you will always have something to enjoy there.

Five types of casino slots to check out

You can easily go straight to the slot games of your choice, thanks to the dropdown arrow provided next to the slot games option. This takes you to video slots, slot games with three reels, progressive games, i-Slots from Rival, and 3D slots as well. The 3D ones are contributed by Betsoft.

Does Rockbet Casino allow for demo play?

Would you be surprised if we said yes? Try selecting a game from the home page and go for the instant play option. This loads the demo and you can then give it a try. You will need to enable Flash for this to work, but it merely involves granting access to the software. That's all there is to it to get a chance to play some demos.

Would you move on to play for real money?

You could if you have confirmed you are legally able to do so wherever you are. Once this is confirmed, you will have the opportunity to sign up for an account. You can then choose a game, make your first deposit, and move on from there. Rockbet makes it quite easy to do all this.

Could you locate any new slots?

Yes, but they will not be easy to spot inside the slot area of the site. Instead, you should go for the new games area. While this has all the new titles Rockbet can offer, we suspect you will be pleased to find lots of options there. It means you cannot miss anything if you make a habit of checking out this area whenever you arrive.

Explore the casino promotions area too

This is nicely designed and begins with the chance to select whichever of the current promotions you want to focus on. The opening bonus is the welcome bonus worth 400% of your deposit amount. You could net up to €2,000 from this.

Below this, there are details of 100% cashback insurance to cover table game play. You can also learn more about the loyalty program on the site. We'll cover this in more detail shortly.

Are there any tournaments at Rockbet?

Not that we could find, no.

Casino payouts are kept quiet here

While most people love to hear about big winners, Rockbet doesn't have a section where you can learn about such prizes and their winners.

How many comp points will you earn?

You might be surprised. All you need to do to join the loyalty program is to deposit funds in your account. That automatically qualifies you to get involved in the program. Whenever you make real bets on the games at Rockbet Casino, you will earn comp points. You can read more about the program on the site, but it's great to know every player can take advantage of it.

Mobile casino action is also never far from reach

There are numerous ways to appreciate the games you can try at Rockbet Casino. One such way is to try out the mobile casino. All devices, from iOS to Android, can be used to visit the casino, enabling you to play your top titles in a new way.

No app needed at Rockbet

It's reassuring to know you need not concern yourself with searching for an app, downloading it, and keeping it updated. No need for anything like that at Rockbet Casino.

Playing without registration is a possibility if you're playing the demos

This is good to hear because it is never guaranteed that you can do this at any casino. Rockbet is bucking the trend to require signup, leaving you able to check out some games before considering joining.

Play instantly with the Flash games at Rockbet

This is our favorite way of accessing games online. Why wait for a download you may only occasionally use when you can go straight to the Flash games instead?

Rockbet Casino gives you the chance to try some incredible Flash games. When you first visit and select a game, you will likely be asked to enable Flash for Rockbet. Once you have done this - it takes a matter of seconds - that's it. You can start to play and enjoy the experience.

Any information regarding casino affiliate opportunities?

No, we could find nothing of this type.

No casino bookie

Just regular casino services here.

No sports betting

You might guess as much, right?

The site does not offer a blog or forum

A forum would be unusual, while a blog would be less so, but neither are provided. You can make sure you view other blogs and forums online though, as you might get hints and tips about using Rockbet Casino from those.

Would you guess Rockbet has a live dealer casino too?

The games in this area are limited, but there are some there to enjoy. You can try some baccarat or take up a place at the blackjack table. There are three other games to check out as well, so you are sure to find something suitable if you are in the mood for some live action.

How will you deposit at the casino?

All the available options are on the banking page. You will see a list of them with the words DEPOSIT and WITHDRAWAL next to them. The idea is to see if the word DEPOSIT is green. If it is, you can use that method to deposit funds into your account. If it is red, you cannot.

Cash out via several methods

The same green or red facility is in use here as well. You can opt for a wire transfer or use one of the online methods indicated.

Do you want to use Bitcoin?

Even though it does not appear on the banking page, Bitcoin can be used when depositing funds in your casino account. If you select the Bitcoin icon at the bottom of the site, an almost-hidden page will load describing the process for you. This is useful to know about if you are new to the world of Bitcoin and how to use it.

Live chat and more when you need some assistance

Live chat is always the preferred method for us to use when contacting a casino website. Head for the support page, and you can also check out the various email addresses and other contact info they provide you with. They also have an FAQ on the site, but this is comprised of only a few sections. It is reassuring to know you can always fall back on that live help, right?