Casino Max

Casino Max gives players the opportunity to get the maximum out of their casino play, where they can enjoy non stop gaming from Real Time Gaming, get some fantastic bonuses and enjoy the casino games on either an online platform or a mobile platform. Players can download the casino directly to their computer or they can access it through the instant play online that offers the casino directly from the web browser of the casino and in addition the player may prefer to opt for the mobile version of the casino where the player can enjoy most of the games and all of the benefits whether playing on an Android or Apple device. Full support is given to all players and there are a number of secure and direct methods for sending funds to the casino both online and through mobile devices. Casino Max welcomes and accepts players from all over the world, including the USA.

Casino Max - Maximum Winnings!

If you have played the rest, it is time to play the best! With all of the best features from their competitors combined with a catalog of games that will put anybody at the edge of their seat, this has recently become one of our favorite casinos, and is gaining a lot of popularity. If you want one place that does most things wonderfully and takes the best of all their competition, then you have found the place to make your first deposit!

New Casino Lobby

The problem most casinos have compared to the real world variety is that it is hard to navigate and get around. Their lobby feature changes all of that, making it quicker to access everything from one starting point, and makes it all pretty to boot! You can play any game from one single screen, accessing all of them from an overview that is available from the website. It is basically a web app, and an impressive one at that!

Join the Casino for Free

If you would like to get started here, there are a number of ways, but all of them would begin by you simply making an account. That was quite easy, taking only a single email in response to it, and then you will be up and running from there!

Does this Casino Accept USA / Australia / Canada / Europe Players?

No matter where you are across the world, chances are you will be accepted around here. If you are in the United States, Australia, Canada, or a European player, they have you covered, and your money will be plenty good to play! If you can read this, chances are that you will be able to gamble around here.

Online Casino Games for Free Any Time

One fear people have of online gambling is that once they put down the money, that's it. Here, however, you were given a chance to try anything out that you would like infinitely without any risk. This also means there is no reward, but if you want some fun, and would like to test everything out before taking your risks, you are able to do that here.

Online Casino Games for Real Money and Real Winnings!

If you would like to win the real money, you obviously have to put down some of your own. They will let you win real money around here, and give you very generous deposit bonuses should you take a chance. We recommend doing this, as it makes everything a lot more fulfilling, fun, and profitable!

New Player Bonus and Other Promotions

New players are welcomed to the casino with a three part bonus offer that matches the first three deposits made to the value of $3000 each, giving the player a total of $9000 in welcome bonus cash and this is just the start of the many offers given. Each day of the week, the player can choose a different bonus or reward that can be anything from a continual bonus for that day to a Bitcoin or Mastercard bonus, free spins or even cashback offers. The promotions are updated on a regular basis and players can request to receive an email with regular updates for all of the promotions.

Games and New Games

The Casino Max presents to players an incredible choice of games that can be enjoyed in the fun mode before placing real money bets. There are games for every player and every player can find a game to choose. The majority of the games, and for some reason the most popular, are the slots. The slots include both three reel and five-reel games. Each game has a theme and a style, there are games that take players to the African jungles and there are games that take players to the Asian continent where they can meet emperors and other leaders as they watch the spinning reels and the different bonus options come up. The bonus options include wilds that substitute for other symbols, free spins that can be triggered again, bonus symbols that lead to other bonus games and all sorts of creative bonus options. Each game is unique and includes different options where the player can potentially win large amounts. Some of the slots include random progressive jackpots and regular progressive jackpots that can be won in addition to the other bonus options in the game and the basic winning payouts. Apart from slots, players can enjoy table games, video pokers and specialty games at the Casino Max. The table games include a number of variations of roulette and blackjack with some baccarat and craps choices. There are video pokers with single hands and multiple hands and some games have special bonus features built in. New games are introduced on a regular basis to the casino giving the player something else to look forward to and these new games are often introduced with special rewards and free spins to encourage players to try out the games.

Only the Best New Slots

One fear of joining a new casino is that when new slot games come out, you won't get a chance to play. Around here, they add in all the latest games as soon as they are released, so you never have to worry about that! If there is something that you should be playing, you will be notified immediately about it across the top of the website with a useful banner.

Tournaments for All

Gambling can sometimes feel lonely online, and this takes care of that right quick! If you would like to play with real players from anywhere in the regions that we mentioned earlier, this is a wonderful place to do it. You can even make some lifelong friends, depending on how badly you beat them, or are in turn beaten by them!

Great Casino Payouts

This place pays out very generously, giving you all the money and then some when you win. They even give you some bonuses when it comes to the method you use the cash out, so you don't have to worry about being second changed. Everything happens in a rate that is common among other comparable online casinos, and the developers real time gaming in sure that everything is completely legit.

Rewards for Most Anything

Depending on the time of year, and when you sign up, you will be given different bonuses for joining the fray. These include deposit bonuses and all manner of goodies, which are wonderful incentives to play around the website. Our favorite are the seasonal bonuses that happen around the holidays, and of course, generous offering if you use bitcoin.

Fast Mobile Casino (iPad/Android/iPhone)

Most of us now live on our mobile devices, so it makes sense that the casino will as well! We don't think there's a single device on the market that does not play well with this website. They put a lot of time and effort into figuring all that out, and we think that it looks and plays absolutely wonderfully no matter where we have tried it.

Tailor Made Online Casino App

If you would prefer an app on your phone to save a little bit on data, or for whatever reason dislike the Internet, they have apps available for you there as well. They play pretty much like the website due to the web app nature of it, but it's nice that they have that option, and clearly shows that they care!

Playing Without Registration All Around

If you're looking to scratch a quick itch to get your gambling fix, you can do that by simply clicking on any game you were looking at and giving it a spin. You will not be given the privilege of winning real money if you don't put down money of your own, but you can enjoy the games for what they are without having to even make an account!

Instant Play Anything

The above is another way of talking about their instant play feature, which gets you going immediately in any slot machine game you're currently looking at. All you have to do is hit spam, and the fun will begin! As long as the game is a restricted in your region, which is rare, you are good to go as soon as you start gambling.

Casino Affiliate Program is Bustling

If you would like to thank the website for giving you a chance to make money in your spare time, they will give you even more money for the help! They have a pretty nice affiliate program from what we have seen, which is part of the reason that we are talking about them here. Although we are fans, we can tell you firsthand that their affiliate program is quite generous!

Casino Bookie is Well Made

If you want all the benefits of having the odds played out for you on sporting event but none of the legal conundrums, that this is another interesting website for you to explore. Everything is laid out for you even better than the real world bookie could offer, and it all happens over the Internet with the benefit of anonymity!

Sports Betting Stars Rejoice

If you are a sports fan, then you will be able to use their book a future to place bets on real world events and make some extra money during the game! This is great if you think you know the games better than anybody else, and in other ways have something to offer the other people would miss if they were looking at them.

Innovative Casino Blog / Forums

The people that have gathered around this website with a common goal of getting rich are also part of the fun and reasons to explore. They are some of the nicest folks we have seen in the online gambling world, and we made quite a few friendship small reviewing this website. If you want an easy-going community that still likes to have some fun, you would be a good fit, and should join right now!

Timely Live Dealer Casino

If you want to play cards against real people and think the computer is cheating, then the live dealer feature is for you! As long as someone is awake to deal the cards, you can test your luck and put your skills to the ultimate verification. If you're good at cards, this is probably your preferred way of going to the website, as it is the only event that you can influence!

Deposit Methods Abound

Whether you want to use cryptocurrency or anything more obscure, your money is good here, and they are likely to take it. Offering all the standard deposit methods that you could hope for, and generous bonus is when it is your first time depositing or a holiday, you will be well taken care of around here!

Cash Out Quickly and Efficiently

Anytime you want to take your money and run away, they are doing nothing to stop you! They have the fastest cash out method we have seen, and you can take your earnings with you in under a minute.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Payments and Promos Most Days

If you live in the future like we do and use that fancy bitcoin, they will also give you more for your moneys worth if you are making your deposits using that medium. If you cash out in bitcoin, you will also get more money, making it the best way to deposit in cash out instantly across the entire website!

Secure and Direct Betting

The banking section of the casino is where the player can choose how to send funds to the casino. The banking section offers a number of secure and direct methods for sending funds to the casino that include Visa Mastercard, Ecopayz, Skrill and Bitcoin. Bitcoin payments require that the player first opens a Bitcoin wallet and funds it, once he has money in his Bitcoin wallet, it is very simple, quick and easy to instruct a transfer to the casino. Every transaction is totally secure and fully encrypted and with Bitcoin transfers, the player has even more confidence thanks to the complex algorithms and blockchains that make up each Bitcoin. Withdrawals can be made in the same way, once the player has received approval from the casino management for the amount of the withdrawal.

Full Support and Affiliate Options

Players who are loving the casino can open up an affiliate website. The affiliate website provides a direct link to the main casino and any player can open an affiliate site. The affiliate receives a percentage of any deposits made through the affiliate site and in addition he receives full support and back up from the casino management team. Regular players at the casino receive full support from a team of dedicated support personnel who are available around the clock for the player. The support team can be contacted by calling a toll-free phone number that is provided, by sending an email or by clicking or swiping on the live chat option. Players can also read the different casino blogs and forums that may give the player more insights and help him to understand and appreciate even more this wonderful casino that offers so many generous bonuses and rewards and so much fun.